2025 Vinçon Desk Calendar | Minimal & Classy & Handy

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The iconic calendar of Vinçon Barcelona in his desk version.

In 1975, the Vinçon store (1941 - 2015), a reference point for the world of design in Barcelona, edited its own calendar for the first time. The calendar has long since established itself as an icon of design.

It was designed by America Sanchez with the clear idea of removing everything that was superfluous and leaving what was essential, in a perfectly ordered way.

Edited uninterruptedly since 1975, Octàgon Design has been producing this iconic piece since 2020.

It comes in a cute bag, which makes it a perfect gift.

· 12 Sheets, one per moth, from January to December
· Round Red Stickers: The calendar is universal and international, with only Sundays marked in red, and no other holidays. At the back you will find a page with round red stickers so you can mark local holidays or personal dates
· Next Year Calendar: On the last page you can find the next year calendar, the whole year on a page, so you can begin to plan and write notes for the following year


SIZE: 15,5 w x 12 h cm

HIGH-QUALITY PAPER: It can be written on with all types of writing implements: pencils, pens, ink, markers or highlighters.


PACKAGING: It comes in a cute bag. In case that it is for a gift, makes it an even more special present

PAPER: 200 gsm offset paper. FSC Certified Paper. All the Octàgon Design products are made of paper from responsibly managed, FSC-certified forests. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

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