ZENITH 548/E Pastel, plier stapler. Pastel blue color.

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Elevate your style and productivity with the ZENITH 548/E Pastel plier stapler. Its pastel blue color exudes a vintage charm with a modern twist, featuring a "super-matt" finish for a luxurious "velvet-feel". Make stapling a breeze with this non-metallic, pastel stapler that will brighten up your workspace.

As a leader, ZENITH 548/E is used every day by millions of users who are satisfied with its quality, practicality, strength and endless capacity to function, even after years of continuous use.

ZENITH 548/E has been improved over the years through many technical innovations unknown to the end user but useful to enhance its already envious perfection. 

Stapling: Staple type 6

ZENITH Staples ref. 130/E – 130/Z, 130 LM – 130/LL, 130/Z 6

Loading capacity (N. of staples) 100

Stapling capacity (N. of sheets - 80 g/mq) 15 

Max. stapling depth (for paper insertion), 47 mm

Colour: Pastel Blue

Packaging, box containing a stapler and a box of “ZENITH” staples ref. 130/E

Weight, 240 g (net) / 285 g (gross, including a box of ZENITH staples ref. 130/E)

Box dimensions, cm 15,4 x 8,7 x 1,6

Quality: to maintain the high quality standard guaranteed by all ZENITH products, each plier stapler is tested piece by piece. Life-Guarantee for manufacturing defects.

ZENITH 548/E Pastel can also staple with the ZENITH staples ref. 130/Z6 (length of legs 6 mm) up to 30 sheets!

SPAIN, orders over 30€

EU, orders over 99€

Loading system: Rear loading, with extractable pusher.

Patented anti-jamming device.

The plier directions are on the back of the packaging.