We are ready to design your custom notebook

You can now get your own notebook or calendar. We are ready to create your personalised notebook. We would love to do it for you. It’s not just about debossing a logo, it’s about understanding your brand and reflecting your values into a notebook.

Your brand will be seen every day

People keep their loved notebooks and planners close every day to have them at hand when they need to note down a brilliant idea, highlight a really important date or sketch a new design. Therefore, your logo and your brand will also be close to them every day

Our costumers

We have a wide range of customers including big companies as well as local business or stores. Fashion labels, design brands, advertising agencies, local concept stores, local independent professionals...

Custom 1 . PRO Collection, A5

Custom 2. OPEN SPINE, simil A5 size

Custom 3. Thread binding, A4 & simil A5 size

Custom 4. Monthly planner, A4 & simil A5 size


Orders starting at 25 units, with no limits.

Production time for small orders, 15 business days.

Do you have any questions or proposals? …