ZENITH 590 MIX, plier stapler. Bauhaus colours.

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Here’s the ZENITH 590 plier stapler, called "MIX", with its nice combination of four different colours. Reminds us of the Bauhaus colors, doesn't it?

ZENITH 590 MIX offers a great performance, resulting perfect for all kinds of uses - at home, in school and in the office.

In addition:

ZENITH 590 MIX brings still more colours and vivacity in the office, thanks to its combination of four colours (red cap and yellow, green and blue metal parts) and to its colourful box too!


  • Metal body and mechanical parts
  • ABS anti-shock transparent coloured cap
  • lead free enamel painting highly resisting wear and corrosion

Technical / functional features:

  • Stapling:  Staple type 6 
  • Loading capacity (N° of staples): 200 
  • Stapling capacity (N° of sheets - 80 g/sqm): 15 
  • Max. stapling depth (for paper insertion): 46 mm

Colours: Red cap and yellow, green and blue metal parts

Packaging: box containing a stapler and a box of "ZENITH" staples ref. 130/E

Quality: to maintain the high quality standard guaranteed by all "ZENITH" products, each plier stapler is tested piece by piece. Life-Guarantee for manufacturing defects.

"ZENITH" 590 MIX can also staple with the "ZENITH" staples ref. 130/Z6 (length of legs 6 mm) up to 30 sheets!

SPAIN, orders over 30€

EU, orders over 99€

Loading system: Top loading, pull down the handle, pull up the cap and insert staples.

Patented anti-jamming device.

The plier directions are on the back of the packaging