Plan anual 2024 | tamaño A0

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El Planificador anual 2024 es un póster tamaño A0 de papel de alta calidad que te permite tener una visión completa de cómo será tu año.

CONTENT: One page calendar nicely presented in an attractive box

SIZE: A0 size (840x1184mm)

HIGH QUALITY PAPER: You can use any writing instruments, pencils, sharpies, pens, Chinese ink, highlighters… And also add post-it, stickers, washi tape, your year can be as colorful or minimalist as you like

PACKAGING: Amazing box, 85 x 5 x 5 cm

PAPER: 150 gsm FSC Certified Paper. All the Octàgon Design products are made of paper from responsibly managed, FSC-certified forests. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

ESPAÑA, pedidos superiores a 30€

UE, pedidos superiores a 99€

If you think size doesn’t matter, think again: meet OUR GIANT PLANNERS.

The 2023 YEAR PLAN is an A0-sized poster of high-quality paper to have a complete overview of what your year is going to look like. 

Organise it your way down to your holiday days since the planner doesn’t come pre-marked. 

Use pencils, sharpies, pens, watercolours or glitter if you really, really don’t want to forget something. Or washi tape or stickers. It is entirely up to you.