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HEART- Tot Cor by Pepa Reverter

Ah, love. Love is all we need; love is a fleeting concept that comes and goes yet stays with us forever. A red heart made of paper to create from scratch, tamper with, and contemplate in all its brightness. Just as it happens with the real thing. 

  • All perfectly folded and flatted out in an oversized envelope.
  • Cutout figure
  • Includes assembly instructions
  • Sheet of 42 x 60 cm.
  • 255 gsm paper
  • Printed and pre-cut
  • Scissors are not needed
  • We recommend liquid silicone for assembly
  • Presented in a 170 gsm paper handle bag
  • Bag size: 61 x 56 cm

    Set aside some time; it’s worth it.

    Suitable glues:

    • Liquid glue
    • Liquid silicone (it dries more slowly, giving room to adjust the attachment points properly)
    • Double-sided tapes for crafts (for skilled hands. It’s clean but allows only one chance)
    • Or a combination of all of the above!

    Be precise with the quantities. Use glues with small dispensers or a thin glue stick.

    Have alcohol at hand. If it’s the kind you find in the pharmacy, your fingers will appreciate it. It may become a fun but challenging activity if it’s the drinking kind.

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    EU, orders over 99€